Thursday, 15 February 2018

What Is Attractive?

"We cannot deny the social pressure on women to be thin.  But attractive demands no particular weight.  To each her healthy own.  We can focus on treating our bodies well, and we can build attractive on a foundation of kindness towards ourselves.  Kindness, while not always indulgent, is always forgiving."

- Lisa of Privilege



  1. We cannot all have bodies that reflect the prevailing standard of beauty. And that is the key, “prevailing standard,” for what is deemed beautiful is a transient measure of societal values. In the long run kindness, empathy and intelligence will last a lot longer than physical beauty, which is ephemeral anyway.

  2. So true. Though I do think my knees would be much happier if I'd relieve them of an extra 20lb. load, it seems to require more of a commitment than I'm willing to do. I just commit to staying active and doing good when I can... and enjoy the rest. ;) blessings ~ tanna